The Tony Auth Archive

With Tony Auth’s passing in September 2014, we lost a valuable voice commenting on the news. Yet he created so many cartoons that still resonate with what’s happening today. He’s always said he wanted to part of the conversation and his archive has plenty of material to keep people talking. We plan to post regularly so he can join your conversation.

The goal is to see his remarkable archive of drawings, paintings, prints, reproductions, correspondence, sketchbooks find its home at Temple University, a project he spent the last three years of his life working on. You can support that effort by supporting the fund at the Philadelphia Foundation

We are also started what Eliza dubbed “Auth-o-graph”, an irregular newsletter with a selection of cartoons and other news. If you want to be added to the list, drop us a note at You can also look for tony’s work on Facebook or on Twitter at @bytonyauth.